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A collective bargaining agreement, often abbreviated as CBA, is a legally binding contract negotiated between a labor union and an employer. While CBAs do not encompass the full scope of graduate labor organizers' values and commitments, they do represent some important victories. When unions bargain with universities for new contracts, one important step is establishing precedence. By showing contract language won by other unions, organizers can demonstrate that the protections and benefits they seek are within the scope of the labor union's purview to bargain. This project gathers CBA from graduate unions across the United States to provide a resource for unions bargaining for increased justice-based protections for their members and their communities.

As legal documents, CBAs typically have a structured format and may include several boilerplate elements, which are standardized clauses or sections that can be found across many agreements. These boilerplate elements have been omitted from the library below.

This database doesn't yet represent all CBAs across the US, but check back as more contracts are added!

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